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Man checking into MGX Barber Shop
Walk Ins Are Welcome In 2021

We’re now accepting walk ins! However we have made some modifications on how to walk in. We know it sounds crazy. Modified walk ins?? California provided us guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID19 and one of them requires us to restrict the number of clients that are allowed in the shop at any given time. Therefor we cannot allow clients to walk in the old fashioned way and wait inside. The only people allowed in the shop are clients that are receiving a haircut and barbers. Now you may be thinking… ‘What's the best way to join the list?....

looking inside the barbershop
How to find the right barbershop

How do you find the right barbershop with so many here in Downtown Hayward and neighboring cities? Do you ask around and take someones word for it (the best bet if their hair and personality are like yours. If so read no further) ? Do you go on yelp and read a ton of reviews that say how great all the shops are? Do you type, ‘barber shop near me’ in google and sift through the gazillion results for 2 days then jump back on Yelp? Wait a minute, how does everyone have 4 to 5 stars? They must all be great right? Well in their own way they are....

How To choose the right barber

You've decided on a shop! Now how do you choose the right barber...