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Answers to the most commonly asked questions | FAQs

Yes but if you forgot to bring cash some of the barbers do accept venmo and zelle. If you scheduled your appointment online through busystyle you can pay some of the barbers through there as well. We only accept credit cards for product sales.

Each barber at MGX is self employed and can choose how much to charge and when they work. Some charge more depending on years in the industry and demand. It is against California labor law for shop owners to regulate haircut prices and hours for self employed barbers. However we do display minimum prices online and in the shop. Each barber has their own booking link with their prices displayed.

There is free street parking in front of the shop and along the street. If those are full there is a big public lot located directly across the street.

Walk ins are still welcome but we recommend calling ahead to add yourself to our walk in list. We have also released a virtual walk in system that you can add yourself to so you can avoid the call and the trip to the shop. Just keep in mind that we don't guarantee you will be seen if you are on the list because we give priority to appointments.

The easiest way to schedule an appointment is to click on the book now button on our home page or click the book now button on one of the barbers team pictures. The advantage of using online booking is that you can schedule at anytime and manage your own appointment. The next best way is to call the shop and request an appointment.

Go to and login with your email and password that you created when you booked the appointment. Once you login click on it and you will see options to reschedule, cancel or even pay. You can also call the shop and speak to the barber you are scheduled with and let him/her know that you can't make it. If your barber isn't there you can leave a message with whoever answers the phone.

It's 12 hours to cancel or reschedule prior to your appointment and the fee is the total amount of the scheduled service. You can call to cancel or go online if you booked it through our online booking service.

It's hard to say. Sometimes there's no wait and sometimes it can be hours. We do recommend calling in advance.

Great question! Stop by or give us a call and schedule an interview with one of the owners. We would love to meet you.

We recommend waiting until about age 4 or 5. We find that children are more comfortable in a barbershop at this age. We use very sharp tools to achieve precise cuts and unfortunatley young children tend to move suddenly so for that reason we advise to wait until they are a bit older. But if you do decide to bring a younger child in then we would do a style that doesn't require the use of zero blades or razors.

Basic cuts are typically done with clippers and are more on the buzz cut end and completed within about 30 minutes Specialty cuts consist of a combination of clippers and scissors (although some Specialty Cuts can be done with clippers only). They are usually trending styles such as Undercuts, Combovers, Crops and Slickbacks. Specialty cuts take about 45 minutes to complete

You can join the waitlist on our appointment app. If anyone cancels you will receive a notification right away and you can snag the slot. Or you can try anyone of the other barbers in the shop. You may have seen one of them cutting a similar style as the one that you have. Don't worry we don't get mad if you sit in another chair! In fact don't be surprised if your usual barber comes by during your appointment to give your back up pointers on how to achieve your usual cut.