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3701 Castro Valley Coming 12-2021

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Coming 12-2021
3701 Castro Valley Blvd

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MGX Check In
Walk Ins Welcome In 2021

We’re now accepting walk ins! However we have made some modifications on how to walk in. We know it sounds crazy. Modified walk ins?? California provided us guidelines to reduce...

MGX barber Blog
How to find the right barbershop

With so many barbers here in Downtown Hayward and the surrounding cities, how do you go about opening the door to the right one for you? Do you go on yelp? Do a google search? Wait a minute how does everyone have 4 to 5 stars? They must all be great right? Well in their own way they are....

Mgx barber station
You decided to give MGX a try, but how do you pick a barber?

Here at MGX barbers are very friendly and professional. Their goal is to make you feel comfortable during your visit. Each barber chooses to embody these characteristics...