Walk Ins Welcome At MGX In 2021

Client checking into MGX walk in list
1st Oct

We’re now accepting walk ins! However we have made some modifications on how to walk in. We know it sounds crazy. Modified walk ins??

California provided us guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID19 and one of them requires us to restrict the number of clients that are allowed in the shop at any given time.

Therefor we cannot allow clients to walk in the old fashioned way and wait inside. The only people allowed in the shop are clients that are receiving a haircut and barbers.

1. The easiest way to join is by pressing Check In . You don’t need an account to add yourself. Just enter your name and number so we can contact you when you’re next.

2. Call Us and one of the barbers will gladly accommodate you. They will add you to the list and let you know how long the wait is and if anyone can take you.

3. Walk up and check in. You may be passing by the downtown area, if so feel free to walk up and check in. The system is new so it may take a while for clients to start using it therefor walking up may get you seen sooner.

Awesome, You’re on the list now! You will receive a confirmation text from our system.

A barber will call or text you and let you know when your turn is approaching so you can make your way to the shop.

Text your barber or Call Us when you arrive and we'll let you know when its ok to come in.

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We feel your pain. We wish we could take everyone on the list but we do prioritize appointments.

The barbers do they’re best to accommodate walk-ins by squeezing them into any breaks coming up and in some cases they stay after hours.

With that being said we do recommend booking an appointment if you really need a haircut for that wedding, meeting, date night or party on Saturday.

Marlon Rivas

Co-Founder MGX