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Short Haircuts

Buzz Cuts

Price: $50

Short cuts are great for guys that want to have a 'get up and go' style. They are low maintenance and you can keep a fresh look by booking a line up service in between haircuts or refresh it at home by trimming your side burns and neck hair. Another advantage of the short cut is that you wont need any hair products. Talk about less is more! A bald fade on a thinning top will do wonders for those of us that once had thick lustrious hair but not so much in this day and age. The sharp contrast of a zero fade will provide a fuller look.
These styles are very short in length and can be completed using just a guard or two. A popular choice is a 4 guard on top (about finger length) with a 1 on the sides or even shorter if so desired. A skilled barber will have your short cut nicely blended and edged up in about 30 minutes.